Ways to stand out at the trade show

For many of us small-time business owners and specialty vendors, the occasional or even frequent trade show is just part of our lives. Packing up the van or truck and making our way vast distances is just part of the job, and when everything works out, the benefits of these efforts far outweigh the costs. The trade show is a time and an opportunity to have access to thousands of potential clients. It is an event to shine and make the needed connections that just might catapult your business from start up to blast off, but if you don’t know how to catch the eyes of these potential contacts, all of your hard work is for nothing. To stand out at the trade show, you need to find the best way to display your products and ideas. It doesn’t matter how great your product is if no one knows to buy it or how to use it. Here are a couple of thoughts on that matter that just might transform an average day at the trade show into a life changing event.

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To get noticed among the many hundreds of booths at a big trade show, you have to offer the customer something different. Obviously you’ll need an eye-catching and professional looking display to grab attention, but that’s just the easy part. When I am designing new banners and signs for my wife’s and my jewelry business, I always start online at either tradeshow banners or http://thedisplayoutlet.com because these sites have great products, inspired ideas and refreshing prices. You can beautiful, bold and attention stealing posters that will show your audience that the aesthetic of your set up is paramount. However, once you have their eye, keeping it is another matter entirely.

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I like to incorporate sleek designs and technology to our booths. I like to let my potential customers have a hands on experience with the metals and stones that we use, and even allow them to learn about the process. Together, my wife and I have made DIY jewelry making videos that stream so all of our potential buyers understand what kind of hard work and artistry are required for even the most simple seeming piece. In effect, this makes the customer part of the process and makes a purchase that much more intimate and personalized. Recently, we’ve even set up a section of our booth in which people can make their own simple jewelry so that they can get a greater understanding of design, and also have a little bit of fun. Remember, if your booth isn’t fun, people aren’t going to stay there, so always have something interactive to keep them busy and drawn to you. Whatever you’re trying to sell, there’s a unique and imaginative way out there to sell it. It’s okay if you don’t get it right the first time, but always keep an open mind to allow your booth to evolve.

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