Transfer and Open OST File in New Computer

Ost file is one of the common offline file folder we can access when our Microsoft Outlook email is not connected to the internet. If we have new computer or we want to share the ost file to another computer, then we cannot transfer it directly. However, we can transfer our entire data from Outook. The data we can transfer are various from our address book, email messages, calendar and many others. We can transfer the data into our new system, and then create a new ost file. Here are the tips to open ost file on our new computer.

We can choose whether we want to make new account or convert ost to pst. Before opening ost file, we are recommended to choose. The first thing we have to do is launching the Outlook setup on our new computer. However, if we have our Outlook profile already, we cannot make a new ost file for the existed profile, so we have to delete the profile and recreate it by double-clicking the Microsoft Outlook. After the computer shows panel for new profile, then we can click the icon for email account, then add a new email account, click next to choose the server type and followed by choosing next panel again. Insert the name of our server and the email account. Choose next and choose advance to show the advance setting panel.

After that, we should click the Offline folder file setting, then choose browse to choose the location of the PST file, then click OK to make our new file and email account. After that, we can click OK to return to the main Outlook screen. Click file option and choose import from another program or file. Pick personal folder file then choose next. Converting ost to pst can be so easy and make sure to convert it first before opening new ost file.

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