The Pros and Cons of SIM only Deals

Due to the flexibility and affordability of SIM only contract, this is loved by almost all the mobile phone users. With this there are no binding long-term agreements. You just have to pay for your SIM card and not for anything else. You don’t need to upgrade your phone each time after finishing your running deal. Though a SIM only deal is mostly beneficiary but not free from disadvantages also. This article is all about them in order to make you clear about the advantages and disadvantages.

SIM Only Deal:

SIM only deals are essentially a contract that is made in between the subscribers and mobile phone operators under which the subscribers are bound to pay only for their network service and nothing else. With this contract users get a SIM card from the operator but no handset. The next what a subscriber has to do is to insert the SIM into his existing handset. So, under this contract you don’t need to buy a new handset if you already have one. If your contract is going to be ended within a short time and you are interested to continue with your running network then no problem, SIM only is the best option for you. Just choose it and pay according to your desired deal or contract.

Pros of SIM only Contracts:

Flexibility is the main benefit of having the SIM only contracts. Almost all the plans give you the opportunity to opt for the running contract of 1 month notice. This means if you are not fully satisfied with the contract you can give your operator a notice of 1 month only before leaving. To quit you will not have to pay admin fees like traditional deals.

Another advantage of SIM only tariffs is its simplicity. With this contract you don’t need to learn how to use the new phone because it gives you the opportunity of using the existing one. So you won’t find any complication in keeping your stored information, contact numbers, photos and other stuffs. You just get the new SIM card and insert it into your old handset.

It also does let you make comparison among the other offers provided by different operators. So, competition among the operators has increased which has also increased the service provided by the operators and decreased the cost to a great extent.

Without much difficulty you can easily go with your preferred operator’s SIM only deals. Mobile phone operators like Virgin, 3, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Orange are presenting exciting and attractive SIM only offers. But O2 is offering the top class offers as they are the introducer of this concept.

Cons of SIM only Contracts:

With a SIM only contract, there is no chance of getting a free mobile phone. If your phone is not a SIM free device then it is mandatory for you to unlock the phone before inserting the new SIM card of another network provider. But when you are thinking of having an exclusive phone then SIM only is not a good deal for you as it just provides you a SIM card. In that case traditional contract may prove to be beneficiary for you. A post-paid SIM only deal binds you in a contract of longer duration.

Sometimes SIM only seems to be a bit confusing one and clear concept about the deal is essential for making the right decision while selecting any contract. Consider the key issues of a contract to make sense about it.

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