Improve Your Cell Phone Reception

mobile signal boosterHaving problems with cell phone reception can be very annoying and troublesome. If you are dealing with such problems then here are some tips which can help you improve the signal coverage in your cell phone. Using these tips you can effectively sort out the problems you might be having with your cell phone reception with ease. So go through the ways and improve your mobile signal.

Signal repeater

If the reason for poor cell phone reception is the location then you have a solution. Sometimes in an indoor facility it gets hard to get strong reception. If you have such a problem with your cell phone reception at home or office, you can always use a mobile signal boosterto get strong reception. The repeaters are very effective at providing reception in indoor buildings. All you need to do is to set up the device with an outdoor and an indoor antenna which are connected through am amplifier which gives you a specific area with cell phone coverage. If you have at least 2 bar signal at the place where you put the outdoor antenna, the device will be able to amplify the signal and enable you to get coverage in your cell. A dual band repeater can be used for almost all the cell phones. There are also repeaters developed to support only a specific provider and will need technical skills like determining the frequency of the cell phone n order to set it up.

Upgrading antenna

There are some cell phone companies which manufacture antenna for improving the reception of the cell phones where there are weal signal. These antennas can be useful to a limited extent but can be sued in a mobile manner and you can carry it around with you wherever you go. Though these antennas are not as effective as the repeaters, it can turn out to be a good help at some places with no access to coverage or any better ways to get it.

Switch network

There can be many reasons to why your cell phone is suffering from a poor reception. Sometimes the problems are caused by complicated reasons and sometimes it’s just because you have a bad provider. All the providers use impendent network and frequencies and have their own towers to provide signal for devices running on their network. If you are not getting a good coverage for a long time and have tried some of the above mentioned means, you will probably be better off with another provider.

Hold it right

There is a certain pattern in which the network connects with the receptor placed inside your cell phone. The antenna placed inside your cell phone receives the signal in a round shape. So you have to keep the antenna on the outer side so that it can receive the signal. If you hold the phone in the wrong way, for instance, if you hold it side on or upside down, you are likely to weaken the reception of your cell phone.

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