How to Get Your Third Party Domain Name to Point to Your Website

How to Get Your Third Party Domain Name to Point to Your Website

How to Get Your Third Party Domain Name to Point to Your Website

Seems simple, correct? We believed then when We began my personal very first individual site while using web hosting support which included my personal Online sites Supplier (ISP) customer accounts. It had been bare-bones as well as offered me personally hardly any capability to configure this, however it do offer my personal HTML webpages simply good. My personal website encourages a brand new e-book We authored, as well as I needed the customized website name and so i might immediate fascinated individuals to “” instead of “” where my site actually resides. It actually was easy, although there is more to it than one would think. Let me share with you what I’ve learned.

The actual supplier from the website name,, provides a number of redirection options, as are listed below. All of these options are handled outside of the target website, so you don’t need to create any JavaScript or special page headers in your web pages to make them work.

The (Tackle)
CNAME (alias, canonical title)
TXT Report
WEB ADDRESS Refocus (301)
NS Report
SRV Report


This method may be the easiest to comprehend; it’s “redirect” inside it rawest type. This means that after an individual hyperlinks towards the URL, they will end up at the target URL (, for example), and the target URL will show up in the browser’s address bar. So this is a good way to have www[dot] point to, without the “www.” at the beginning. Of course, this was only a partial solution for me, because I wanted to bring the user to, and still have the browser address show


This is actually the very first choice We selected. This appeared to provide me personally exactly what I needed, even though along with a few conditions. WEB ADDRESS Body is really a method in which the server produces the “wrapper” HTML web page by having an HTML body label inside it which has the prospective web page. Therefore, once the internet browser factors in order to, that’s what appears in the browser’s address bar, but the visual part of the web page shows the target web site, Looking at the “view source” HTML code from the browser shows the content inside the frame. This seemed to give me what I wanted, but it was actually a compromise.

1 give up is actually which a few search engines like google won’t exercise to the body and for that reason won’t get essential content material that needs to be searchable. Additionally, search engines like google may nevertheless get myispname. net/mybookname as well as existing which WEB ADDRESS within their research hyperlinks. That isn’t horrible, although not ideal, possibly. Individuals may nevertheless reach the website, however they will not begin to see the preferred WEB ADDRESS within the internet browser tackle club.

An additional give up is actually which inner hyperlinks, like the routing hyperlinks, indicate the actual webpages such as: myispname. net/mybookname/downloads. HTML rather than If a user clicks on downloads, they get taken to the downloads page, but all they see in the address bar is, not Again, this is not a huge deal, but seems a bit unprofessional. People can still get to the content, but in a flaky kind of way. For the purposes of my wee book, this is fine.

The (Tackle)

This process is actually exactly where a person connect the actual website name,, to an IP address, like This would not work for me because is not its own IP address. It is an address of the ISP, which routes the request based on what comes after the forward slash. Also, this would not work well in a dynamic IP situation, nor when the ISP decides to change the IP address.

CNAME (Canonical title)

CNAME is comparable to The, but rather associated with environment the actual refocus to some particular IP tackle, you utilize an additional website name. Therefore, I possibly could arranged to go to, but not So, this wouldn’t work for me either.


All of those other checklist does not truly give a ideal answer. Provided the truth that my personal hosting company offers just HTML web page helping as well as I’ve another website name supplier, the very best I possibly could perform may be the WEB ADDRESS Body strategy.

Nevertheless, you will find additional options in the event that I wish to proceed my personal site to a different web host. Here are a few choices:

Proceed the website to some web hosting support supplied by NameCheap for any simple $2. ninety five per month, I possibly could possess a good, configurable site having a immediate site connect to my personal website. This particular has become the simplest answer and also the WEB ADDRESS works completely.

Make use of an additional web hosting support with regard to the web page as well as move the actual website name to that particular web hosting support, which may occur in a minimal charge. This could help to make the actual WEB ADDRESS function completely, as with choice 1. Obviously, the actual web hosting support might also need to be considered a website name supplier.

Make use of an additional, full-featured website hosting support as well as setup NameCheap to make use of the net web hosting service’s title machines. This could help to make the actual WEB ADDRESS function completely, as with choice 1. (In the event that my personal present ISP support supplied this particular capacity currently, I possibly could simply make use of the settings technique referred to beneath. )#)

Utilizing an Option Hosting company

With regard to choice 3, establishing the net host’s DNS server titles about the NameCheap aspect is performed with the “Transfer DNS in order to Webhost” perform within NameCheap’s administrative internet software. (This kind of settings functions tend to be without doubt obtainable through any kind of website name supplier, not only NameCheap. )#) The net web hosting support offers individuals server titles (a minimum of 2) on the site. They’ll appear something similar to “”.

On the internet web host aspect, you have to stipulate the actual website name for the website whenever you produce this. Therefore, for instance, the brand new website will be The “www” version of the domain name, www[dot], would be left alone alone on the NameCheap side because it already forwards to

Something to notice is actually this strategy hinders a few of the free of charge functions through NameCheap, such as e-mail forwarding. This particular merely implies that the e-mail settings options that come with the net web hosting support would need to end up being set up on the internet web host aspect. Therefore, for instance,

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