How Bluetooth headsets help the Office

Businesses in Australia, and across the rest of the world, are taking an increasing interest in Bluetooth headsets and wireless technology. Some evidence suggests that sales of Bluetooth technology headphones and transmitters will reach 100 million in the next two years, and the figure is expected to carry on growing even after it has reached this milestone. The interest from businesses and companies is partially driving the development of this new technology, and it is considered to have several benefits in the office. Workers and company managers alike are seeing that wireless phone calls are the best way to increase productivity in the workplace.

The first way in which Bluetooth headsets can benefit the office is by promoting good health among the workers. The traditional image of the office worker is of someone stuck to his or her desk, unable to move for very long. There are many health problems associated with sitting down constantly, including doubling the increase of cardiovascular disease. Getting out of the chair is one of the most important steps the modern office worker can take, and Bluetooth technology allows those in the office to get up out of their seat, and move about freely.

In addition to the health benefits, reducing sitting time can also have another important impact on worker’s health, by reducing back and neck pain associated with making phone calls. These neck and back problems are associated with more time off of work with illnesses, and long-term injury payments. Office-based back injuries can be cut down by encouraging workers to use Bluetooth headsets, and sit in a good position, putting less strain on the spine. Using the wireless headset prevents them having to juggle the handset, and so there is less strain on shoulders and the neck.

The third way in which the Bluetooth headset can really benefit the office is through increased productivity. Most office workers have to use one hand to answer the telephone, and this reduces their ability to type efficiently, to fill in forms, or even to monitor other devices. With a wireless headset, workers have both hands free to type, reducing mistakes. They can also complete customer service forms, finish documents, and do other jobs while talking on the phone. This makes the headset ideal for a busy office with many demands on a person’s time.

The reasons why Bluetooth technology can help the office to cut back on sick leave, and encourage workers to stay for longer revolve around the convenience for workers of headsets. They give the employees the opportunity to leave their desk, or perform other tasks, and reduce the amount of stress which the modern workload can induce. Bluetooth technology also helps the office to seem more modern, and aware of advances in modern devices, which can help influence visiting clients. A busy, healthy office with no lost time and reduced stress can work more efficiently, and produce documents, and complete forms to a better standard. For these reasons, Bluetooth technology can really help a business to thrive.

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