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From the 2000s was a period when the ITU slowly changing. Successfully navigate the problem of Y2K, most software companies have started to work on the future of software development. Dot com throw some strong organization and technology, which can be calculated as the future of the software world. However, the bombings and terrorist attacks on 9 / 11 pushed the market in defensive mode. Nevertheless, innovation and experimentation in mind and can never be suppressed for long. In mid-2003 and 2004 Web Services began to gain momentum needed, and what followed next was probably the decisive moment for the last decade in an effort began in the period, which produced a model that today’s IT systems are built around world.

So what really happened

How to get WebServices maturity, the two major platforms and NET. J2EE has become known in the industry and the dynamic order of date website. These factors are active in a relational database in a standard requirement, and almost all industries have begun to take a three-tier application design, presentation and database layers oriented architecture because it provides the flexibility to make changes to any of three levels.

Changes can not be stopped, and the more so because of positive changes. Accessibility also increases the bandwidth and cheap hardware conducive to the development of information technology systems to the point where it becomes difficult to manage these systems.

As necessity is the mother of invention, the IT services to adopt an approach to be born into situations where it is intended to further improve the method breaks than the standard approach. WebServices model works on the simple belief that people can call the service, instead of doing some of the activities. It expanded into the IT field. He soon service for business and individual component changes in the IT service. Service approach, which became famous, and soon almost all organizations are beginning to adopt IT as a service model.

IT as a service to be known and has matured to the point that lies at the basis of other important technologies such as cloud computing.

In our next blog will talk about Cloud Computing and how it changes the dynamics of the industry.

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