Advantages of the DealerTrack DMS System for Today’s Businesses

DealerTrack DMS system is basically a web-based Dealer Management System that allows a dealer to integrate new technologically advanced tools that will increase their business efficiency. It allows one to organize their dealership process by automating all the processes that take place in a typical auto dealership business. With such a good quality system in place, you can have, among many other things, a total evaluation of your current business practices through a team made up of experts in the industry and your dealership staff.

This is a joint project that ensures the tension surrounding the integration and usage of the new DMS system is significantly minimized. All you need to do is to get a system that will strike a perfect balance between your current dealership practices and the new set of tools that will ensure your business runs smoothly. Some of the advantages of having the DealerTrack DMS in your business include:-


You need to have a DMS that help with the purchase of your business inventory. You want to have a system that helps you track down how much you spent on setting up your business. A used car dealer for instance gets their stock from auctions. With a DMS in place, you can be able to track down how much you spent on auction fees, transportation, and floor planning etc. the same holds true for trades. You ought to have a system in place that helps you enter an accurate trade at the end of each sale. Incorrect entries can be very costly mistakes. Once you buy a car, you should be in a position to keep track of the amount of money spend on reconditioning it, so you know the profits you will keep by the end of the day.


CRM plays a significant role in managing your auto sales. You need to ensure all customer communications are well documented. Your dealer management system should help you with credit reports, desking, credit applications, profit and loss analysis, printing forms and documents as well as post sales processes such as registration. Last but not least, you need to have a clearer picture of how your auto business is faring on.


Most startup businesses tend to go for free systems and while there are so many good systems out there in the industry, the automotive industry is not one you can gamble with. You need to know how much money you should spend on your DMS and whether it should be a monthly fee or a one-off fee. Get a system that has no hidden charges.

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