5 Tips for Lightweighting Your Car

Lightweighting your car is the act of reducing its weight. There are many reasons why you might choose to lightweight your car, including:

– Better gas mileage
– Smoother handling
– Less aerodynamic resistance
– Less damage done to the bottom of your vehicle

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to such a practice. The bigger question is how it can be done. If you’re interested in lightweighting your vehicle, here are just a few ways to shed those pounds and make your car bikini-ready.

1. Replace Your Glass

Replace all of the glass in your car, including the windows, with a polycarbonate material. It still looks like glass but is much lighter and therefore much more fuel-efficient. Some users have also reported that it’s easier to clean because of the way it’s made, so that’s a bonus, too.

2. Embrace Carbon Fiber Technology

Another important carbon is carbon fiber. It can be used to replace your hood, trunk and body panels. It isn’t always the cheapest material around, but it’ll pay for itself in a matter of months in terms of gas mileage and reduced scraping on the bottom of your car. Talk to auto body parts suppliers to learn more.

3. Empty Your Trunk

Speaking of trunks, did you know that the average one is carrying more than 10 pounds of unnecessary weight? This is usually in the form of a spare tire, which you may or may not want to drive without, but it can also translate into unneeded and unused items like sports equipment, fishing gear and camping supplies.

4. Chuck Your Stereo

If you already ignore your car radio in favor of the playlist on your smartphone, go ahead and get rid of your internal audio system. It can weigh anywhere between 5-20 pounds depending on the size of your speakers and displays, and that’s yet another burden you can lift off your vehicle.

5. Pop the Hood

Is there anything under your hood that you don’t need? For example, the heating matrix can be superfluous depending on the model of your car. Don’t leave any big, clunky and unnecessary parts around your engine when removing them will make it lighter.

These are just a few tips for lightweighting your car. It isn’t always easy, but the benefits will be well worth it, so give it a try if you’re worried about aerodynamic resistance or the climbing price of gas. Good luck!

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