5 Tips for Developing Cross Platform Apps

Ignoring the expectations of phone users is a huge risk when developing mobile apps. Businesses reap many advantages from mobile apps. Marketing teams have a channel to communicate with customers directly and share marketing messages. Customers buy and install apps that are compatible with the operating system on their mobile devices. Mobile app development companies must ensure that a company’s app is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. Here are important tips for developing cross-platform apps.


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1. Develop the App Like a Web Service

Many developers create apps for specific platforms, which limits the number of users who can buy such apps. The right approach is to view a mobile app as a web service that should be compatible with all platforms. Mobile device users can access any website on their device. They should enjoy the same convenience with a company’s mobile app.

2. Give Users a Great Experience

The data and commands on a mobile app should be easily accessible. Some users do not have the patience to keep zooming through one page after another. The main user interface should contain the most important data to users, especially statuses and commands. The rest of the information can be placed under dialogues and menus. Users should finish an operation with the fewest taps possible. Companies should ask users for feedback and rating after using the app. The feedback will help them improve their future experience and reach more users.

3. Ensure the App Has a Fast Response Time

One of the most important aspects of the mobile app development process is setting the response time. In a fast digital, very few users are willing to wait for minutes before an app responds to a command. Mobile device users want apps that respond to commands within seconds. One way of increasing the response time is to move operations that take long to complete to the background. Another way is to break down long lists into different pages and enable the app the load one page a time. Give the app a small memory footprint and enable it to cache all the resources that users download.

4. Make the App Attractive

Mobile phone users are attracted to mobile apps with beautiful designs. The mobile apps should appeal to users and look engaging. The app should reflect the company’s brand image. One effective approach is to have different outlooks for different platforms. The approach creates an impression that the organisation has created an app specifically for that platform yet the design and brand image is the same for all platforms.

5. Integrate the App with Other Applications

Mobile customers use their device to communicate, transact, plan, connect with friends, and shop among other things. They have thousands of applications in app stores that they can buy and use. Most customers prefer apps that can perform several functions and integrate with other apps on their devices. A company’s mobile app should interact with other common apps especially social media apps to attract many users.

Mobile app development is an important process for companies that want to keep up with the latest communication technology. Thousands of new apps are introduced to the market every other day. Companies must ensure that their apps are accessible on all mobile platforms. Mobile app developers should pay much attention to the user’s experience and the app’s response time.

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